Snake Handlin’ Man

51h1frIUbRL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_This band cannot catch a break. Traveling from city to city, eating cheap, and playing gigs, Eric and his group of damned musicians want nothing more than to have a meal at a local diner, when they’re suddenly attacked by flying snakes. Of course, if you’ve read the first book, you know that things only escalate from there, as band┬ámember, Adrian, is bitten by one of the demonic serpents, and places himself in a magical coma after warning Eric that he has three hours till the poison kills him.

There’s just one problem. The anti-venom must be milked from a lamia, that is, a half woman half snake worshiper of the snake god, Apep. They follow clues that lead them to a preacher in possession of a holy symbol with the power to fight back the twisted worshipers of the snake god. So everything is simple; all they need to do is convince a preacher of shaky faith that he can activate the big talesman to help them battle human/snake hybrids to get them to the medusa-like lamia so that they can milk her for the anti-venom. Oh, and make sure Apep, the snake god doesn’t make it into this world and pretty much destroy everything.

The second installment of Rock Band Fights Evil is every bit as fun, funny, and punchy as the first. I found myself chuckling, wincing, and practically out of breath at the end of this story. It’s short enough to blast through in a an adrenaline-packed day, and leaves you ready for the next situation these guys get swept into. DJ Butler does it again!

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