Out of Ordure

FairyCover-textA big greetings and salutations to you! I’m excited to announce the release date for my new novella, Out of OrdureAUGUST 18TH marks the release date for this first volume in a series of short length books I will be writing. These aren’t your typical fairies, folks. Working for Fey World Maintenance isn’t the easiest job for some, and Fecanya has the worst job of them all. But if anyone can do it, it’s this sassy little fairy. See below for the back cover synopsis. If you love humor, fantasy, magic, and the idea of a sassy and attitude-filled fairy, this is your book!


For countless ages, fairies have existed in human lore as protectors of children, sprinklers of magic dust, and bloomers of flowers. Yeah well, fairies have other jobs, too.

Enter Fecanya, Ordure Engineer at Fey World Maintenance Services. She hates her job. Not that anyone who processes…‘leavings’, would, but hey, you wanna trade?

When news of an impending meltdown at a wastewater treatment facility, and a messy war between two gorilla factions (ever seen a gorilla projectile?) arrives at the office, Fecanya must use her many talents to prevent both disasters. But is there a mischievous hidden presence behind this?

With the threat of a city covered in filth of epic proportions, and a jungle at the brink of great ape warfare, it will take more than a visit with her stuffy satyr therapist for Fecanya to prevent a disaster and unmask the hidden enemy, before the ‘leavings’ hit the fan.

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