Mythology 101

510nvwc3kPL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Mythology 101. This book had an interesting effect on me that I can only best describe using a food analogy. Have you ever started a meal and thought, “Mm. This is good.” Then, as you continue to eat, the meal grows more tasty exponentially. Then you have to put the meal in the refrigerator because you can’t finish it in one sitting, but the aftertaste of that meal had you longing to finish it?

This was the effect Mythology 101 had on me. Starting the book, I found myself enjoying it, smiling at the whimsy of Keith Doyle, and his clumsy antics as he worked his way through the social and educational world of college life. Then, at some point between the beginning and the middle of the book, I was engulfed. There I was, at the university, meeting the elves, invested in the challenges they and Keith faced. I found myself wanting to jump in the book and fight his enemies, sneak into the elves’ secret village, attend their secret course. Since my time in college I’ve never had the desire to return, but I would, for such an adventure.

Mythology 101 is a book overflowing with character, personality, and just plain fun. As shameful as I am for admitting that this is my first entry into the beautiful worlds of my dear friend, Jody Lynn Nye, I am ecstatic to know that there is much more to experience. I say with true sincerity, that if I had not my own writing to do, I would devour every single one of her books in rapid succession. I am addicted.

This is not a recommendation more than a compulsion. Buy a copy of Mythology 101 and enjoy it front to back. If you are a fan of fantasy, humor, and/or just plain FANTASTIC storytelling, grab a copy of this book. It’s a fantastic and fun time!

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