Back and full throttle

It was a long year leading up to the annual event that is Superstars Writing Seminar. The day finally came to travel to Colorado Springs to visit and learn with some very dear friends, as well as learn from very dear friends that are mentors/instructors. It was a long year coming, and a short three days going.

But it’s done. And it was more awesome than ever before.

And now, after my annual recharge, I am ready to tackle this new year as a newly signed author with Wordfire Press. My entire backlist will be professionally edited and redistributed under the Wordfire Press logo, and as a result, these books and those that follow will be better than ever! Exciting times!

As I’m trudging through edits and rewrites, I am getting ever closer to the new works I have planned for 2015. It’s going to be an awesome year, and I am ready to go!

Happy February!

R J Terrell

Happy New Year!

At the onset to this new year of 2015, may your dreams, endeavors, aspirations, and hard work lead to the success, love, happiness that each and every one of you and all of us deserve.

Have a happy new year, and a most prosperous 2015.

And books…….read more books.