The Saga of Ruination

In answer to some inquiries:

I’m at the coffee shop editing Hunter’s Moon for re-release this year. Then on to either Darkness of Day, or Legends of a Shattered Age. Also will be outlining for a new book for a new series. Some of you may find this disappointing because this book will not be the second book in the Saga of Ruination. Briefly, here’s why.

Unleashed is my first attempt at a HUGE sprawling epic fantasy. I am not yet on the level of Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson, etc etc, but I will one day be there. The vision I have for this series is big, and I want to do my best to have it meet that vision. So I’m waiting. There are things I’m working on that you will enjoy, and it is also bringing me much closer to delivering the experience I want to give you with subsequent books in the Saga of Ruination. I’ve got a plan, folks, and it doesn’t involve slacking off. And I will promise you this much. I will let you know when I’ve started on the second book. When that happens, I will get it done. The next Ruination book is coming, folks, and it’s quite possibly coming this year. I’m not entirely sure, but it’s coming, I promise. In the meantime, I there is a great book on the way that I’m coauthoring with a fantastic author, so stay tuned. 🙂

Salt Lake City Comicon

Enter Salt Lake City Comicon.


To say that the energy and enthusiasm of SLC Comicon is infectious and simply brilliant is an understatement. The con opened to the cheers and screams of con-goers rushing through the doors and into the main hall. The moment the doors rolled up, fans poured into the halls and began taking in the sensory overload that is every comicon, and their love of everything in the building was apparent and a blast to witness and be a part of.

As usual, Wordfire Press rocked the house. This time, we had some heavy guns in the form of Kevin J. Anderson (of course) Rebecca Moesta,Peter Orullian, Charles E. Gannon, Larry Correia, Jim Butcher, Terry Brooks, R. A. Salvatore, Tracy Hickman, and Peter Wacks, whom I must mention is the author of the simply brilliant non linear time travel book, Second Paradigm. The lines for Jim Butcher’s signings were nothing short of jaw-dropping, and were longer than the celebrity lines. The lines for Brooks and Salvatore weren’t much shorter, and fans stood in line to meet these amazing authors for 2 hours in some cases. It was a sight to behold.

For us lesser known authors, it was an honor to sign books in between these fiction rockstars. Future friction rockstars in the booth included D. J. Butler, author of the Rock Band Fights Evil series (seriously, check it out) as well as his steampunk story, City of Saints and other books was at the booth. Also was Quincy J. Allen, author of Chemical Burn featuring a high tech assassin from another world, *which I also recommend you have a look at* as I intend to very soon, and Josh Vogt, author of Enter the Janitor, a hilarious book of fighting crime and slime, as well as his Pathfinder Tales novel, Forge of Ashes. Frank Morin, author of the first book in the Facetakers series, Memory Hunter, was also present, Victoria D. Morris, who has a poem in the new red unicorn anthology, A Game of Horns, and Sam Knight, author of a Wayward Pines novel as well as the young children’s favorite, Chunky Monkey Pupu. Also at the booth was yours truly. I had no small fanboy moment in not only signing my books next to the one and only Terry Brooks, but also the author who is the reason I started writing; R. A. Salvatore. It was the top item on my author’s bucket list to get to sign next to Salvatore, and Kevin J. Anderson and Wordfire Press made that possible, to which I am forever grateful.

The Wordfire Press booth was also helmed with awesome staff such as Michelle Corsillo and fellow authors Quincy J. Allen and Peter Wacks, as well as the super amazing marketing muscle of Alexi Vandenberg of Rabid Fanboy Marketing.

We also had a team of awesome volunteers without which, an undertaking of this magnitude couldn’t have been possible. Every single one of them rocked it.

Across from our booth was Coppervale, owned by the simply awesome James A. Owen, author and illustrator of the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, as well as the Starchild comics. His work is truly something to see, and I recommend you have a look at it. From his novels to his amazing hand drawn prints, to his beautiful coloring books, he never disappoints.

It was an amazing starting lineup of authors with a variety of books and art for sale, and it was a huge, exhilarating, and just plain awesome con.