Crecheling Giveaway

5195NWchUML._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Author D J Butler is holding a giveaway for a signed copy of his book Crecheling. Head on over to his goodreads page and enter to win! I would also recommend that if you don’t win it, give the book a try, as he is a fantastic author. The book is available at many online venues including here, so give it a try! Here is a description:

Buza System is Dyan’s world. She has been a Crecheling, one of the System’s children, trained in a broad range of skills and knowledge and prepared to take her place as an Urbane, a full-fledged adult member of the desert community with a Calling given her by the System and its Cogitant Council. Between receiving her Calling and admission into the System, though, stand the Hanging and the Selection. The System has a lesson it wants to teach Dyan about death. Against that brutal experience, and entwined within it, destiny has a different lesson for her, about the family she has never known… and about love. Crecheling is book one of The Buza System, a dark science fiction tale for young adults and other readers set in the crumbling ruins and blasted deserts of a future in which all people are not created equal and control is exerted by savage rituals of blood.

A Truly Epic Bundle

It seems the deals are funneling in these days, and here is another one. This is an ebook bundle once again featuring some of the best in the business. Kevin Anderson, James A. Owen, Jody Lynn Nye, Cat Rambo, John D. Payne, and other awesome authors come together in this ebook bundle that will give you 13 great reads, including the One Horn to Rule them All purple unicorn anthology, a teaser for Kevin Anderson’s upcoming Clockwork Lives novel. Check it out at, folks!