Beasts of Tabat

This is a book that took me over six months to read. It didn’t take that long because I had a hard time with it, or that it was uninteresting. Far from it, in fact. It took me so long because I started it just before life got incredibly busy. I say this because it’s a testament to the book that I kept coming back after weeks and sometimes months away from it.

Beasts of Tabat is the story of legendary gladiator, Bella Kanto. A warrior for Tabat for many years now, she has never known defeat despite aging, (albeit quite gracefully) and younger gladiators coming to challenge time and again. Bella Kanto has a tremendous ego with the skill and beauty to match.

This is also the story of Teo, a boy who finds himself in the famed city of Tabat, where magical creatures of every kind are captured and used in a variety of ways to keep the city running. Some are used as fuel, some as laborers, and some for their body parts. The more time Teo spends in Tabat, the more trouble he finds himself in, and the deeper he sees into the dark side of this wonderful place he’d read so much about.

I found myself drawn into the world and the characters. Tabat is a big city much like any other, with it’s entertainment, upperclass sections as well as its slums. I found myself emotionally invested in the plight of the beasts and creatures used by Tabatians. I’m curious what Teo’s hidden nature will reveal, and what part Bella may have to play in the events that unfold at the end of the book. The cliffhanger ending has me ready for the next book without a doubt. Things are happening, and if there is one thing history has taught time and again; the oppressed will eventually fight back.

A tremendous upheaval is coming to Tabat, and I plan to be there for it when the next book arrives.

Cat Rambo’s Beasts of Tabat was a great read filled with flawed and real characters and real situations. This book provided a glimpse of a rich world filled with diverse creatures and people, and I look forward to seeing more of it in the soon to be released sequel.

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