Author RJ TerrellR J Terrell was instantly a lover of fantasy the day he opened R. A. Salvatore’s: The Crystal Shard. Years (and many devoured books) later he decided to put pen to paper for his first novel. After a bout with aching carpals, he decided to try the keyboard, and the words began to flow. When not writing, he enjoys reading, videogames, and long walks with his wife around Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.


  1. Bought your book (Running From The Night) at the Emerald City Comicon with my son. Finally got to read it and finished it last night. Well done! I love the characters and the dialog!! Can’t wait to read Hunter’s Moon. Keep writing!!

    • Thank you, Chris. I’m glad you enjoyed the book! I’m currently working to get Darkness of Day out soon. If you’d like to be notified of it’s release date, feel free to sign up for my mailing list. 🙂


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