Beasts of Tabat

This is a book that took me over six months to read. It didn’t take that long because I had a hard time with it, or that it was uninteresting. Far from it, in fact. It took me so long because I started it just before life got incredibly busy. I say this because it’s a testament to the book that I kept coming back after weeks and sometimes months away from it.

Beasts of Tabat is the story of legendary gladiator, Bella Kanto. A warrior for Tabat for many years now, she has never known defeat despite aging, (albeit quite gracefully) and younger gladiators coming to challenge time and again. Bella Kanto has a tremendous ego with the skill and beauty to match.

This is also the story of Teo, a boy who finds himself in the famed city of Tabat, where magical creatures of every kind are captured and used in a variety of ways to keep the city running. Some are used as fuel, some as laborers, and some for their body parts. The more time Teo spends in Tabat, the more trouble he finds himself in, and the deeper he sees into the dark side of this wonderful place he’d read so much about.

I found myself drawn into the world and the characters. Tabat is a big city much like any other, with it’s entertainment, upperclass sections as well as its slums. I found myself emotionally invested in the plight of the beasts and creatures used by Tabatians. I’m curious what Teo’s hidden nature will reveal, and what part Bella may have to play in the events that unfold at the end of the book. The cliffhanger ending has me ready for the next book without a doubt. Things are happening, and if there is one thing history has taught time and again; the oppressed will eventually fight back.

A tremendous upheaval is coming to Tabat, and I plan to be there for it when the next book arrives.

Cat Rambo’s Beasts of Tabat was a great read filled with flawed and real characters and real situations. This book provided a glimpse of a rich world filled with diverse creatures and people, and I look forward to seeing more of it in the soon to be released sequel.

Out of Ordure

FairyCover-textA big greetings and salutations to you! I’m excited to announce the release date for my new novella, Out of OrdureAUGUST 18TH marks the release date for this first volume in a series of short length books I will be writing. These aren’t your typical fairies, folks. Working for Fey World Maintenance isn’t the easiest job for some, and Fecanya has the worst job of them all. But if anyone can do it, it’s this sassy little fairy. See below for the back cover synopsis. If you love humor, fantasy, magic, and the idea of a sassy and attitude-filled fairy, this is your book!


For countless ages, fairies have existed in human lore as protectors of children, sprinklers of magic dust, and bloomers of flowers. Yeah well, fairies have other jobs, too.

Enter Fecanya, Ordure Engineer at Fey World Maintenance Services. She hates her job. Not that anyone who processes…‘leavings’, would, but hey, you wanna trade?

When news of an impending meltdown at a wastewater treatment facility, and a messy war between two gorilla factions (ever seen a gorilla projectile?) arrives at the office, Fecanya must use her many talents to prevent both disasters. But is there a mischievous hidden presence behind this?

With the threat of a city covered in filth of epic proportions, and a jungle at the brink of great ape warfare, it will take more than a visit with her stuffy satyr therapist for Fecanya to prevent a disaster and unmask the hidden enemy, before the ‘leavings’ hit the fan.

Mythology 101

510nvwc3kPL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Mythology 101. This book had an interesting effect on me that I can only best describe using a food analogy. Have you ever started a meal and thought, “Mm. This is good.” Then, as you continue to eat, the meal grows more tasty exponentially. Then you have to put the meal in the refrigerator because you can’t finish it in one sitting, but the aftertaste of that meal had you longing to finish it?

This was the effect Mythology 101 had on me. Starting the book, I found myself enjoying it, smiling at the whimsy of Keith Doyle, and his clumsy antics as he worked his way through the social and educational world of college life. Then, at some point between the beginning and the middle of the book, I was engulfed. There I was, at the university, meeting the elves, invested in the challenges they and Keith faced. I found myself wanting to jump in the book and fight his enemies, sneak into the elves’ secret village, attend their secret course. Since my time in college I’ve never had the desire to return, but I would, for such an adventure.

Mythology 101 is a book overflowing with character, personality, and just plain fun. As shameful as I am for admitting that this is my first entry into the beautiful worlds of my dear friend, Jody Lynn Nye, I am ecstatic to know that there is much more to experience. I say with true sincerity, that if I had not my own writing to do, I would devour every single one of her books in rapid succession. I am addicted.

This is not a recommendation more than a compulsion. Buy a copy of Mythology 101 and enjoy it front to back. If you are a fan of fantasy, humor, and/or just plain FANTASTIC storytelling, grab a copy of this book. It’s a fantastic and fun time!

Triorion: Awakening

41-LCoxlE9L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Jetta, Jaeia, and Jahx are powerful telepathic triplets living under abusive and poverty-stricken conditions. Even the planet they live on is not very hospitable to humans. But there is more to these three than being able to speak into each other’s minds, or read someone else’s. They have the ability to assimilate information gleaned from another person’s mind, granting them skills, comprehension, and maturity far beyond their years. In fact, I frequently had to remind myself that these three were only five years old at the start of the book. I say that because of how they act so much older.

When their kind uncle sends them to be tested, and eventually recruited into the Eeclian Dominion and their abilities are discovered, they are forced to participate in a military strategy game that is more than it seems.

To say that these three children who are not children experience horrors beyond belief is an understatement. And the mystery of the origin of their telepathic power is a dark silhouette in the background of this story that keeps you ever wary as you turn one page to the next. LJ Hatchmeister has crafted a fantastic science fiction epic that will keep you reading well into the night. Species from many different parts of the universe populate this story in living color, and I found myself jarred when I (hesitantly) put the book down for a meal break and realize I wasn’t in the middle of a group of individuals from different planets. It’s that immersive.

Triorion: Awakening is a fantastic book that I can’t recommend strongly enough. Whether you’re a long time science fiction reader or have yet to try the genre, do yourself a favor and give this book a go. It is fantastic, front to back.

Humble Book Bundle

Just launched today, and going for only two weeks, is the Humble Book Bundle. Featured are fifteen ebooks, some by bestselling authors such as Kevin J. Anderson, Louis McMaster Bujold, Rebecca Moesta, Jody Lynn Nye, and others, as well as yours truly, will be assembled in this awesome collection for two weeks. It’s pay what you want, and some of the proceeds go to charity. So please head on over to Humble Bundle, have a look at this fantastic deal, and after you grab yours, tell a friend!

Snake Handlin’ Man

51h1frIUbRL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_This band cannot catch a break. Traveling from city to city, eating cheap, and playing gigs, Eric and his group of damned musicians want nothing more than to have a meal at a local diner, when they’re suddenly attacked by flying snakes. Of course, if you’ve read the first book, you know that things only escalate from there, as band member, Adrian, is bitten by one of the demonic serpents, and places himself in a magical coma after warning Eric that he has three hours till the poison kills him.

There’s just one problem. The anti-venom must be milked from a lamia, that is, a half woman half snake worshiper of the snake god, Apep. They follow clues that lead them to a preacher in possession of a holy symbol with the power to fight back the twisted worshipers of the snake god. So everything is simple; all they need to do is convince a preacher of shaky faith that he can activate the big talesman to help them battle human/snake hybrids to get them to the medusa-like lamia so that they can milk her for the anti-venom. Oh, and make sure Apep, the snake god doesn’t make it into this world and pretty much destroy everything.

The second installment of Rock Band Fights Evil is every bit as fun, funny, and punchy as the first. I found myself chuckling, wincing, and practically out of breath at the end of this story. It’s short enough to blast through in a an adrenaline-packed day, and leaves you ready for the next situation these guys get swept into. DJ Butler does it again!

Behold, the Clockwork Angels

UnknownIs a utopia without the basic traits of the human experience, truly a utopia? How appealing, life would be, without crime, without poverty, or violence! This is the world that the Watchmaker has created for the people of Albion. In this land, under the absolute rule of the Watchmaker, all things have their place, and every person has their task, their function, within society that they perform. In this land, everything is on time, everything moves according it’s designated time, including the weather. Albion is a place where the unexpected does not exist, and where people go about their designated lives, working their designated professions, in a land absent of the crime, or strife, or danger. Or creativity and imagination.

Is a free world without the safety net of predictability, absent the eradication of crime and violence, worth having? This is the world that the Anarchist would create. In his view, people should be free to experience life on their own terms, in their own way, absent the totalitarian rule of the Watchmaker and his structured Stability. Life is an organic experience that should be lived, not controlled. The Watchmaker’s Stability is not life, but oppression, and people should be free to choose how they liver their lives.

What would it be like to see the world? To travel to different lands, experience different traditions, see the many sights of the world. What would it be like to actually gaze upon the splendor of the clockwork angels. Young Owen Hardy is a dreamer, filled with curiosity and wonder about the world. Though he is happy in his stable and comfortable home with his father, he is restless. There is so much to see and do! In his youthful dreams and visions of an exciting life, filled with wonder, he will learn what freedom is. He will learn what it takes to create a utopia, and he will learn that he has unwittingly stepped into the center of a conflict that will shape his mind and forever change his life.

This is the story of a young boy who wants to see more of the world than his cozy village of Barrel Arbor, in the land of Albion. In one seemingly innocuous moment of spontaneity, a little gear in the grand clock of the Watchmaker’s Stability decides to change his function, just for a brief moment, with a quiet rendezvous with the love of his life on a hill under the stars. It is this not so innocuous moment, that forever changes his life, and his adventure begins, under the gaze of the Clockwork Angels.

Clockwork Angels, by Kevin J. Anderson is the novelization of the album by the hit band, Rush. I only have one thing to say. Buy it. This book is fantastic.

You’ve never met this Red Riding

51G0nDVF8aL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A Tale of Red Riding: Rise of the Alpha Huntress, by Neo Edmund. The title alone indicates a very different adventure from the traditional tale of Red Riding Hood that we’ve all grown up with. From the opening scene with this tough girl speeding through the woods of Wayward on her little motorcycle, we see a Red Riding like no other. This young, sassy, take no BS from anyone Red Riding is tough as nails, and never backs down from a fight.

Living the life of an orphan for as long as she can remember, Red finds herself on her motorcycle, speeding down a wooded path in the forest while racing a mysterious rider who leads her ever deeper into the forest. After a failed game of ‘chicken’, Red finds herself with a damaged bike and injured pride, but soon both are the least of her problems. When she finally makes it to the little house of an old woman she comes to learn is her Granny, the layers of her past begin to peel away, revealing a destiny she struggles to believe, and isn’t sure she wants.

With this power inside her, she also comes to learn that there is another power lying dormant. A power as primal and terrifying as nature itself.

A Tale of Red Riding is the adventure of a teenage girl who desperately seeks to leave her orphaned life behind, and unwittingly returns to a home she doesn’t remember, discovers a power inside her greater than anything she could have imagined, and struggles to contain it. Ragnarok is coming, and all of Wayward is in danger. Can Red Riding rise to power that is her birthright, contain the wolf within, and lead her loyal pack in a fight against a being as powerful as a God?

One thing is for sure. She’s definitely got enough attitude for it.


Simply put, this book rocks. I loved every page, and look forward to the next book.

The Saga of Ruination

In answer to some inquiries:

I’m at the coffee shop editing Hunter’s Moon for re-release this year. Then on to either Darkness of Day, or Legends of a Shattered Age. Also will be outlining for a new book for a new series. Some of you may find this disappointing because this book will not be the second book in the Saga of Ruination. Briefly, here’s why.

Unleashed is my first attempt at a HUGE sprawling epic fantasy. I am not yet on the level of Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson, etc etc, but I will one day be there. The vision I have for this series is big, and I want to do my best to have it meet that vision. So I’m waiting. There are things I’m working on that you will enjoy, and it is also bringing me much closer to delivering the experience I want to give you with subsequent books in the Saga of Ruination. I’ve got a plan, folks, and it doesn’t involve slacking off. And I will promise you this much. I will let you know when I’ve started on the second book. When that happens, I will get it done. The next Ruination book is coming, folks, and it’s quite possibly coming this year. I’m not entirely sure, but it’s coming, I promise. In the meantime, I there is a great book on the way that I’m coauthoring with a fantastic author, so stay tuned. 🙂